Monday, August 6, 2007

Your Second Month!

Your second month was so much easier then the first! Mommy and Daddy got used to your routine. You didn't sleep as much as the first month and it was exciting! You started doing so many new things. Even the littlest thing like when you started to look at Mommy and Daddy was amazing. Grandma and Grandpa came over almost everyday to visit you. Mommy and Grandma would take you on alot of walks. No matter how cranky you were you would fall asleep within seconds in your stroller. You loved being in your stroller. Aunt Louise, Uncle Mike and Grandpa traveled down from Canada to visit you this month. Great Grandma Alex visited again too. You always had so many visitors. Everyone was in complete love with you. Mommy and Daddy took you to the park for the first time this month. We had so much fun! Mommy would walk you in your stroller to Aunt K's house. We spent alot of time in her back yard swinging on her swing. Your personality really came out this month. You got so bright eyes and even gave a little smile here and there. Tyler, you loved to eat and would suck down every last drop of your bottle. Kate, it always took you forever to eat and you would always have milk dripping down your cheeks. Mommy would call you Miss Milk. Mommy took you to get you photo's taken again. Mommy went crazy with photo's! Another month has come and gone!

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