Monday, August 6, 2007

Second Month Picture's

Tyler sticking his tongue out!
Tyler wearing his shade's.
Sleeping in Daddies arm's at the park.
So sleepy!
Uncle Mike visiting Tyler and Kate for the first time!
Mommy and Tyler at the park! This was the first time we went to the park!
Kate in her sunshine outfit. You look so adorable in this picture!
Tyler swinging on Aunt K's swing!
Tyler's first 4th of July picture!
Tyler sleeping in his cradle.

Katie Taco!
Kate wearing her sunglasses.
Miss Milk! Mommy and Daddy alway's called you this because you alway's got milk all over!
Mommy and Kate at the park. This is our first time to the park!
Mommy, Kate, Tyler, Holly and Kloe.

Grandma and Kate
Kate looking so pretty!
Kate trying to pick Tyler's nose.
Kate in her cradle.
Some time's she get's angry!

Kate's 4th of July Picture.
Kate wearing Mommies glasses.
Mommy and Kate swinging on Aunt K's swing.
Kate and Ty sleeping in the cradle. After this we decided that you were both to big to sleep in it together because Kate woke up screaming after Ty kicked you in the face. :(
Kate playing under her rain forest mat.

Grandma and Tyler
Grandpa and Kate
Great Grandma Alex and Kate

Tyler and Kate playing with their toy's.
Daddy and Tyler
Daddy and Kate at the park.
Daddy and Ty at the park.

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