Sunday, August 5, 2007

Coming Home!

April 10th 2007 was the day Mommy and Daddy brought you home! You only had to spend one week in the NICU and then the doctor's said that you were healthy enough to come home. The first picture of you was taken while we were waiting for the doctor to discharge you from the hospital. Mommy saved those outfits in a special box for you when you get older. The nurses sent us home with so many things. Daddy had to take 2 trip's to the car. You looked so tiny in your car seats and your car seats were so light. Alot lighter than they are now :). Mommy video taped our whole ride home. When we got home Mommy and Daddy kept you in your car seats for a couple hours, until you woke up just staring at you. We couldn't believe that you were finally here. I don't know how I lived my life with out you before.

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