Sunday, August 5, 2007

Your First Month!

The first month of your life was VERY hard. The whole parenthood thing was new to us. Mommy and Daddy were VERY sleep deprived. We were head over heals in love with the two of you and that kept us going. You were the tiniest little peanuts and we were overwhelmed with joy. You spent the most part of your day sleeping. You would wake every 3 hours around the clock to eat though. Every three hours.....that took some getting used too. We went out a couple times to the doctor and to get our pictures taken. Everywhere we went people were always commenting about how cute the two of you were.

So many people came to visit us. Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt K, Uncle Tom, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Robert were here almost everyday. Great Grandma Alex, Grandma Rose, Rick, Uncle Jordan, Auntie Sarah and cousin Luke even traveled down to come visit. Great Grandma Ork, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Tony, Taylor, Nick and Aunt Mary visited us too. They brought you both a Build a Bear that they gave your middle names Jordan and Karen too. Their were so many visitor's! You both were loved so much from the start!

Tyler, you had an allergy to milk and it gave you stomach pains and a rash on your face. We tried so many different formula's and nothing seemed to work. You were on soy for awhile until you developed an allergy to that too. Mommy would hold you and comfort you when you didn't feel well. Finally Enfamil Lacto Free worked for you and you were a totally different boy who always happy.

Kate, you were the tinest little princess. You were only 4 1/2 pounds. Even your preemie outfits were big on you. When you had the hiccups you sounded like a squeaky toy. You loved your suckie so much! You would always fall asleep while you were eating and you wouldn't take to the Advent bottles so Mommy had to go out and buy you bottles with a smaller nipple. You were so tiny! Mommy would always tell you "Girl's stick together, right Kate". You loved your swing. You would sleep in there all day.

So many memories already. The two of you completed our family and brought us all alot closer together. You brought so much love into our family.

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